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Discover the 7 Secret Gifts Lying Latent Within You
That Hold Everything You've Been Struggling For

And Activate An Almost Godlike Ability
To Manifest Everything You Need!

"You're About to Discover The Hypnotic Wealth Spells You've
Been Under that Have Unconsciously Sabotaged You,
And the Awakened Wealth Principles that Allow You to Easily...

Make More, Keep More, Have More
And Never Worry About Money Again!"

Dear Fellow Traveler,

IMAGINE... being able to generate everything you need, no matter where you've come from, what you've been through, or what circumstance you find yourself in.

IMAGINE... being able to earn what you deserve, and make more in a month than you've made in a year - knowing it blesses everyone you touch!

IMAGINE... having no more fear, judgment, or resistance around creating all the wealth you want - joyfully and easily - while adding massive value to everyone!

IMAGINE... having more than enough to invest in your future, build your business or dream life - and give your time, talent, and treasure to the things that matter most!

IMAGINE... not just making a living doing what you love, but living a life that reflects your deepest values and highest aspirations!

This is not only possible, it's already been given to you!

And if you'll give me a few moments, I'll explain how you can experience it...

"A Large Deposit Has Been Made In Your Name!"

What if you received that message, but nothing else? Would you be excited? Nervous? Certainly you'd have questions and want answers, right?

Being told that there's this great gift waiting for you doesn't do you any good. To make use of it you would need to know a few things...

1. Where It Is.
2. How to Get There.
3. How to Gain Access.

Without this information, it would just be a nice idea at best - and more likely a source of great frustration, even pain.

Isn't that how it often feels? You hear all these ideas about creating abundance, but at the end of the day, you don't know how to access it.

Here's the thing, a large deposit HAS been made in your name. Guaranteed. Every great spiritual teaching has proclaimed this. And where have they said it was?

Within You.
"If you want something more or different to come into your life...
you must let something more or different come out of you!"

But knowing that is still not enough.
You Must Know The Right Combination

In order to access this Divine Trust Account, already funded in your name, you must know how to unlock this inner vault to make a withdrawal!

In other words, you must know the right principles and how to apply them.

It's like electricity. Just knowing it exists doesn't give you its benefit. You must know how to apply certain laws to harness it!

The ability to build computers, fly planes, and send a rocket into space existed when man dwelled in caves - but without the right understanding of the principles and practices to channel these hidden forces, they were stuck with sticks and stones!

This is the same with your wealth. There is as much abundance right where you are - like electricity - as there is anywhere, in anyone. GUARANTEED.

And when you understand and apply these principles, you can access, activate, and express a virtually unlimited amount of it.

It's not personal, it's principle!

And the fact is, most of what you've learned about building a life of true wealth has been exactly the opposite of how this spiritual principle works.

Nothing you ever do in the world will guarantee wealth or security, although that's what most people are striving for - because the world can't give you what you already have.

But when you know the secret code to accessing this inner Vault of Wealth, you'll be able to manifest everything you need no matter what's going on in the world.

This is not hyperbole or some get-rich quick scheme. In fact, it's not about getting rich at all! How can you get something you already have?

No, this is about finally having an accurate and workable understanding of the true nature of wealth - what it is, where it comes from, and how to really experience it.

And this is NOT THEORY, I've proven it over and over...

From Living On 19 Cent Macaroni
To Million Dollar Homes!

I've gone from being broke, broken, living in a one room apartment, eating 19 cent boxes of macaroni to living in million dollar homes, living my dream, making an abundant living doing what I love - making more in one hour than I made in the first five years of my working life!

And doing it all from an ever deepening spiritual connection with the divine, free from any guilt or shame that the shadow side of spiritual beliefs have wounded people with.

And I've helped thousands of people do it from all walks of life. Here's another important point: because I know this is the truth about everyone, my interaction with people doesn't take anything away from them - it actually expands and increases their abundance potential.

When you understand and master these principles you not only prosper yourself but every transaction and interaction you have with others actually increases their good!

Not just here and there, but always and forever, the way it was intended.

In this 5-Session, 10+ hour Total Wealth Emergence Program, you'll gain the wisdom to walk the path of true wealth mastery - a path that leads to the life of abundance, freedom, and fulfillment all great masters have promised was your birthright, but which has alluded you... until now...

In This Comprehensive, Deep-dive Program, You'll Learn...


Mastering these will unlock the mysteries of abundance and start a flow of good in your life that nothing can stop (This is a real game-changer).

Everything is within you, but you must know how to unlock and unleash it. These 7 Gifts are the Master Keys. And we won’t be doing a surface study; "This is mastery-level training", where you will activate, apply, and generate powerful results with each one.

Every week we’ll do a deep-dive into these Sacred Gifts, unwrapping them in a way that expands your mind, opens your heart, and develops a results-based practice.


This One Principle is so deceptively simple, yet profoundly life-changing, that it will free you from ever being a victim of circumstances again!

This is a fundamental principle of Emergence. And we’re going to take it to the next level, turning on that inner Power Plant, that Wealth Machine, and generating a radical new level of manifesting energy in your life.

If you’re not ready to really make a quantum leap, do not apply!

WARNING: Transformation Will Happen – You Are Guaranteed to Be Different!


Discover why the Universe is set up to fail you if you do this One Thing - and how to turn this around and make the universe your Silent Success Partner in everything you do.

This is the Secret of Secrets, a fundamental law of the universe that consistently gets overlooked or misunderstood. It’s too scary to the ego, because the understanding and application of this will end your reliance on anything or anyone in the world.

To your Spirit, this is the sweet homecoming you’ve been waiting for - reclaiming your DIVINE INHERITENCE.

Be prepared to discover how supported you are...

...You are SPIRITUAL ROYALTY; the universe is waiting to crown you with untold riches.


Learn the 5 Wealth Spells most people are under - and the Awakened Wealth Truths that will set you free from money worries and struggles, and make you receptive to the flood of good trying to flow through you.

What if I said you’ve been hypnotized by limited beliefs around wealth that seem so real you can’t see what’s really here – or that you’re seeing things that aren’t here!

It’s like the person hypnotized to believe they’re surrounded by snakes and they experience the fear and limitation of that - when there are no snakes. Or they’re stuck in a trance, believing they can’t move or speak - when those hindrances don’t exist!

That’s what’s happening around abundance if you’re not getting everything you need. And this program will finally wake you up from the wealth trances you’ve been under.

We’ll look at Wealth Myths like:

“We Are Separate from Our Good & Must Get It, Achieve it, or Attract it” (#1 Lie)
“Money & Things Are Wealth” (Boy, is this a big block to your abundance)
“You Have to Believe It To Receive It” (This has caused so much pain and frustration)
“You Have to Adapt to Circumstance” (The #1 WORST thing to do)
“Money/Wealth Is Not Spiritual” (This is hobbling so many heart-centered people!)

I’m going to totally dismantle these and more before your inner eye! 

I can’t wait to count backwards, snap my fingers, and say Ta-Da! So you can see The Wealth Already Here - and start the flow more abundantly than ever before!


It’s not at all what you think - this will change the energy of wealth in your life forever!

Debt drags us down, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. But it’s often not caused by what we think, and not solved by the ways we’ve been taught. It seems insurmountable and makes us feel like we can never get out of this hole.

But in this program, we’re going to strike at the real root of debt, so you can begin having more than enough to spare and share! How do you like them apples?! (I’ve always wanted to say that?)


I’m going to help you define your "Monthly Money Goal","Miracle Money Goal","Money Freedom Goal" and "Money Mastery Goal". And then create a map for achieving it!

We’re not just talking theory here, folks. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and change your life for real! In a way that’s simple, step-by-step - and a whole lot of fun!


As we delve deeper into the subject of wealth, you’ll gain a new level of mastery around Emergence – which will help you activate more potential in virtually every life structure: Health, Relationships, Work, Creativity, Personal Development, you name it! 

Life is holographic. As you master one area, you activate new levels of mastery in others. We will consciously look at how your abundance issues are impacting other areas, draining your power and life force – and how to plug up those leaks for good!

There will be powerful exercise, practices, tips, tools, and cutting-edge strategies - you'll even get to hear me do some "hot seats" where I help individuals have rapid - sometimes instant - breakthroughs!

(People report having similar breakthroughs just listening to these).

You’re Also Going to Get These
Powerful Bonuses!


A Private Facebook Group of people committed to creating massive abundance in every area of their life and becoming masters of the energy of wealth and money.

If you've ever been part of one of my Mastermind groups, then you know how awesome this experience is. If you haven't, you in for a treat! You'll get additional support from the awesome participants, and experience a spiritual synergy unlike anything you've ever had.

The healing vortex created when a group of people come together and agree on a higher possibility is life-changing in itself. It creates an environment where the limited beliefs and energies of the world begin to be neutralized and can’t keep their grip on your anymore.

The benefits of being part of a transformational support group like this can’t be underestimated – it’s the highlight of many people in the community. In fact, a MasterMind group like this is something people pay hundreds or thousands for on its own!


This entitles you to 30 days of transformational healing work by me, where I will go into the perfect spiritual pattern of your being every day - and activate it more fully.
(Note: this work is done in private, not on a call)

We all need help and support on this journey. The mental and emotional demands of life seem to constantly bombard us and sometimes it’s hard to get up the energy to take care of ourselves and to do the deep inner work we know is necessary for our growth and development.

What if you could have someone, every day, do some of this work
What if every day you could be bathed in a shower of divine love and grace that opens your heart, clears your mind, and lifts your spirit?
What if someone could go into your Soul Blueprint, activate the latent gifts, talents, and abilities, and dissolve the hidden blocks and barriers
to your full Self-expression and success?

In this powerful healing program, that’s exactly what I will do for you. Every day. For 30 Days (or as long as you’re in it). I will do specific healing work EVERY DAY that stirs your divinity into activity and strikes that mystic chord of memory - so that you can awaken more fully to who and what you truly are and why you’re alive!

How does this work? Because in consciousness - in this Quantum Field - we are already one. And like the internet, your Soul Blueprint is your IP Address. With your name in hand, I go into this field, this spiritual superhighway, and directly accesses and activates your deepest potential.

The result is a release of layers of old patterns, a quickening of new insight, and an increase in divine energy - leading to newfound awarenes, renewal, vibrational support, creative expansion, new opportunities, relationships, and abundance.

Once you join, just sit back, open up, and receive the gift of Divine Grace EVERY SINGLE DAY. And be on the lookout for the miracles and the messages - because the Universe is calling you and the lines are now open, free of static so you can hear and answer The Call.

MORE MONEY PROGRAM From Christian Mickelsen ($497)

I convinced my friend and colleague, Christian Mickelsen to include a FREE bonus copy of his highly successful program that really costs $497 if you try to go buy it right now.

In this program, he’ll help you break through your financial glass ceiling, uncover even more unconscious beliefs sabotaging your success, avoid the ‘abundance trap,’ become a money-magnet, and so much more!

This is not filler, folks, this is a whole other abundance-creating program to support, augment, and compliment the awakened wealth program, that would cost you as much as this program on its own – and you get it for FREE!

So for this exclusive program, you get:

The Awakened Wealth Program (Value: $997).
5-Session, 10+ hours of wealth-consciousness training.

The Awakened Wealth MasterMind group (Value: $100’s or $1000’s,
which is what many people have paid for a group like this)

The Quantum Healing (Value: $197).

Where I'll do energetic and spiritual healing for you every day FOR 30 DAYS.

The More Money program (Value: $497).

Created by Christian Mickelsen, one of the most successful 7-figure coaches in the business

That’s a total value of over $2000...

But FOR THIS CALL ONLY, it's just $147 - that's 93% off!

You can also choose 2- payments of $87 (billed 30 days apart).


As with all of our home-study products, there is a 30-day no-risk, money-back guarantee. If this material doesn't totally exceed your expectations and make you want to dance the happy dance, just email us within 30 days and let us know why - and we'll promptly give you a refund. (NOTE: please make sure to let us know within the 30 days in order to guarantee a refund. We have to honor our policy to remain in integrity with everyone who is following these guidelines, so there are no exceptions.)

One thing we guarantee: this is one trip you will take where you are guaranteed to lose a lot of your baggage - and be very happy about it!

If you’re ready to shatter that financial glass ceiling and take your life to a whole new level, come join us for this VERY EXCLUSIVE ONE-TIME EVENT. It’s going to be something you look back on as a life-changer.

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Here's a brief breakdown of what you'll experience in this course.
CLASS 1: The Core Principles of Awakened Wealth

In the first class, we'll cover all the key principles of Awakened Wealth, including:

  • Busting Wealth Myth #1 and revealing Awakened Wealth Truth #1
  • The 7 Sacred Gifts that Give You Everything: We'll go in-depth into each of these powerful activators.
  • The Money Mastery Map: We'll uncover your Monthly Money Goal, Money Miracle Goal, Money Freedom Goal, and Money Mastery Goal.
  • The Daily L.I.F.T Practice: Here, you'll develop the daily process for activating the Visionary Vibration of wealth - eventually setting it on autopilot!
  • The 40-Day Giving Challenge: As you set this powerful intention, you'll learn how to let go of getting and become a master at giving - which will open up the windows of heaven in your life and pour forth a blessing too big to even receive!
  • Your Awakened Wealth Plan: I'll show you how to put all this together into a structure that you can apply with ease and fun.
CLASS 2: The Real Nature of Wealth

  • The Real Nature of Wealth: This is a paradigm-shattering realization that will forever change the way you see wealth, money, and abundance.
  • The 25 Ways to Manifest More. A fun and deceptively simple way to turn on that inner wealth machine and start producing breakthrough ideas!
  • Busting Wealth Myth #2 and revealing Awakened Wealth Truth #2
  • Unwrapping Sacred Gifts 1 & 2, "Giving Forth" & "Giving Away": Each class we'll go further into understanding and applying of the 7 Sacred Gifts, creating specific action steps for rapid results (mastering these is the key to turning on that inner wealth machine).
  • Building Your "Daily Give" Plan (part of your 40-Day Giving Challenge). Each class we'll add more tools to your toolbox to become a Master Giver - which will make you a channel for more and more (guaranteed!)
  • Awakened Wealth Action Steps. Each class I'll give you really cool things to focus on and practice in your everyday life that will make these teachings come alive and bring exciting synchronicities into your experience!
  • Quantum Healing. In each class, I do quantum healing prayer, activating an energetic field that encodes each recording with high frequencies. Many people are having healings and breakthroughs just from listening to the recordings!
CLASS 3: Self Worth vs. Net Worth: Wealth & Worth-Building

  • Busting Wealth Myth #3 and revealing Awakened Wealth Truth #3
  • How to Ask For What You're Worth, Earn What You Want, Keep More of What You Have - and Feel Great About It! Do I even need to explain this one? All I can say is that it changed my life to get this...
  • Seeing Others As The Channel of Your Good, Not the Source! A powerful lesson that has helped me earn more in a way that doesn't take anything from others but actually ADDS massive value to them!
  • Self-Worth & Net-Worth Congruence Practice. This is the Emergineering part of the process, where we continue activate the inner vibration that is in integrity with the life of abundance trying to emerge through you.
  • Unwrapping Sacred Gifts 3 & 4, "Giving Up" & "Giving In"
  • Going Deeper/Getting Clearer on the Giving Challenge, Money Mastery Map, and Awakened Wealth Plan
  • Awakened Wealth Actions (top secret!)
  • Quantum Healing
CLASS 4: Expansion Vs. Adaptation: The Key To Wealth Without Limits

  • Busting Wealth Myth #4 and revealing Awakened Wealth Truth #4
  • From Contraction to Expansion: A Transformational Process
  • Unwrapping Sacred Gifts 5 & 6, "Forgiving" & "Giving To Yourself." If you think you know what forgiveness is, think again (This is a total game-changer!).
  • The Real Cause of Debt - and How to Eliminate It Forever!
  • Awakened Wealth Actions: Hee-Hee, I'll never tell!
  • Quantum Healing: Prepare to be healed, uplifted, and radically transformed!
CLASS 5: Life IS Abundance

  • Busting Wealth Myth #5 and revealing Awakened Wealth Truth #5. This is one of my favorite myths to bust - prepare to be challenged...
  • Uncovering Your Values Conflicts Around Wealth, Money, & Success: Can you say "eye opening" and "life-changing?" Just when you thought you'd seen/heard it all, this will take you even deeper and higher!
  • Your Awakened Wealth Af-from-ations. This will rewire your values conflicts, and crank up production on your Inner Power Plant.
  • Redefining Your Awakened Wealth Vision. After all you've been through, all that's been uprooted, integrated, and healed, we revisit your vision and make sure it's as big, bold, and abundant as possible.
  • Unwrapping Sacred Gift 7, "Giving Thanks." When you're done with this, you'll understand, appreciate, and activate gratitude at a whole new level!
  • The Journey of Awakened Wealth...

This is just a short outline of what to expect. Plan to be pleasantly shocked, surprised, delighted, and taken on an adventure to places you never imagined -- that will expand your mind, open your heart, and lift your spirit!


“What if I’ve been struggling for years and I’m still in debt? Will this work for someone like me?

First of all, if this is you, I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling so long. Sincerely, that is a hard road to walk. And in a very real sense, it’s not your fault. We’re all subject to these limited beliefs – actually victimized by them until we wake up and take back our power.

The good news is it’s not personal, it’s principle. And the principle doesn’t know how long you’ve been struggling; when you apply it correctly, you reap the results. You’re not broken, you just haven’t had the tools and the support to get real-world results. That’s what this is designed for.

“There are so many ‘get rich quick’ schemes out there, how do I know this isn’t just another one of those?”

This is not a get-rich quick scheme; in fact, it’s not about ‘getting’ rich at all – because you can’t ‘get’ what you already have. This is about understanding your TRUE relationship to wealth, and mastering the principles to access and express the infinite abundance already within you.

For one person, that may appear as a million dollars; for another it may show up as a thriving business or full client roster; and for another, it may lead to finally making a living doing what they love. However it shows up, it shows up as more than enough to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

“What’s different about this program vs. all the others out there on creating wealth and abundance?”

There are some good teachings out there. But in studying and researching many of them, they’re mostly an outside-in model of life, which simply isn't accurate. And even the ones that address internal issues as part of wealth creation, often do it as a means to attract or achieve something outside of them.

From the Emergence model, we now know this isn't an accurate picture of reality, anymore than it is to say the 'sun rises and sets.' The sun never rises or sets. The sun isn’t moving, relative to the earth. We are rotating and that creates the illusion of a sun rising and setting (it's also not very romantic to say, "hey, darling, let’s go watch the planet revolve!" Unless your partner is an astronomer).

So when you try these other techniques, without being firmly rooted in the true nature of this emergent universe, you create more resistance, struggle, and frustration than results. This is a whole new technology for living – actually it’s ancient perennial truth, but it has been largely misunderstood or incorrectly applied.

“I don’t like money, or talking about money, or selling stuff or making a living doing what I love - it feels slimy or non-spiritual.”

I totally understand that sentiment – and it’s also why you’re broke! Sorry to be so blunt (not really ) Money isn’t the problem. Sales, marketing, making a living isn’t the problem. The problem is the false beliefs that separate them from spirit and love.

You can be 'right' about how money, sales, or success is not spiritual - and demonstrate that the universe is a limited place and spiritual or creative people live from hand to mouth. Or you can be abundant beyond your wildest dreams, feel GREAT about it, and add massive value to everyone as a result! Your choice.

“What if I can’t afford to take this course?”

While I'm sure the irony doesn't escape you, just in case: If you can't afford $147 to build a consciousness of wealth that can allow you finally live the abundant life you're meant to – you can't afford not to do this.

One way or another, you must address the lack-mentality creating your current experience, because you were not born to suffer in lack. If you have a better option, go for it! But if this is what’s showing up, and it resonates, then it’s time to say YES to your yes! Besides, did I mention it’s going to be a whole lot of fun?

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Still here? Let’s go a little deeper then...

The Idea That Money & Spirituality Don’t Mix Is B.S.!

(That stands for Belief System... okay, and also the other thing)

The idea that spiritual people should be broke or earn a mere pittance for their contribution is just crazy! And completely backwards in terms of the value you bring as a coach, consultant, healer, creator, author, or entrepreneur.

What did one master say: "I have come that you may have life more abundantly!" He didn’t say, "I have come that you may, you know, have enough to get by."

Have you looked at nature lately? Ever notice how abundant it is? Are there just ‘enough leaves to get by?’ Or ‘just enough to make ends meet’ in the ocean? How about the stars – is the universe keeping the lights dim to save on the electric bill?!

Life, nature, the whole universe is so crazy abundant, so lavishly opulent, that you could never count how much good there is in the world or the heavens above if you had a million more lifetimes.

Besides, it's really hard to be a light in the world when you can't pay your light bill.

How much time and energy is spent figuring out how to make money and meet all the worldly needs, and then how to keep it and keep making it?

How much time is spent earning money doing something other than what you were created for? Can you imagine what nature would look like if oak trees had to moonlight as pine trees and fish had to work weekends building bird nests to pay the bills?!

There’s a natural order to the universe. You’re not meant to work for a living, to struggle by the sweat of your brow, to do all kinds of things that aren’t natural to you in order to make it. NO!

That why I'm dedicated to helping you discover and become aligned again with this order, this abundant universe, so that you can live your Big Vision.

I'm committed to helping you get so connected to source and so congruent with wealth consciousness that you never ever have to worry about making a living again! 

How would you like to live that kind of life? This isn’t wishful thinking – it’s the way it’s supposed to be, the way it really is in Truth!

It can happen and it will happen when you understand and apply the spiritual science behind this.

I'm not saying it’s about having millions of dollars (although there’s nothing wrong with that), but it is about having enough. MORE THAN ENOUGH.

It’s about having A CONSCIOUSNESS OF WEALTH that allows you to manifest whatever you need, whenever you need it, no matter what!

What Would It Be Like to Have More Than Enough?

What would that do for your life? How would it change the way you work, the way you walk, talk, and interact? How would it impact your relationships?

What kind of life could you build? What kind of legacy could you leave?

How powerful would you be in offering your gifts to the world -- and confidently asking for what your worth -- if you knew beyond a shadow of doubt that you were wealthy and it didn’t depend on anyone or anything outside of you?

Do you want to have that kind of wealth consciousness? Do you want to unlock the real secret of abundance and flip the switch that unleashes a tidal wave of good in your life that the world can never hinder, block, delay or deny?

Do you want to know how to apply this in an easy step-by-step way that even a child could learn and master?

This Is About Fulfilling Your Destiny

Creating a life of true wealth and abundance isn’t just about having more money and stuff - although there’s nothing wrong with having the best of everything you need - it’s about creating a life that allows you to live your true meaning and purpose.

In other words, not having enough doesn’t just rob you of the life you were born for - it robs everyone else of the gifts you were born to share!

Imagine if Einstein had to work as an insurance salesman instead of devoting his time to his scientific arts.

What if Oprah had to work a 9-5 job she didn’t love and didn't have time to pursue her dreams?

If Edison was too busy trying to ‘make a living’ to have time for inventing stuff, we would all be in the dark!

Think of all the great leaders, artists, authors, teachers, healers, inventors and entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the world - and what a loss it would have been if they were so busy struggling to make ends meet that they couldn’t dedicate themselves to their true calling.

Creating a life that is abundant enough that money doesn’t hold you back from living your purpose IS A DIVINELY SACRED ACT AND OBLIGATION.

Are you ready to stop getting ready and master this area of your life once and for all – so you can stop sitting on the sidelines of life and play full out?

$50 a Day to $50,000 an Hour!

I struggled for years and nearly killed myself twice trying to figure out this stuff. But when I did, I went from making $50 a day to $50,000 an hour... building a thriving business that allows me to serve tens of thousands of people around the planet doing what I love most – helping them to get the same kinds of results.

And I'm going to show you how to do the same, according to your unique soul purpose.

In this “AWAKENED WEALTH” program, you're going to learn the 7 Gifts that give you everything, that help you turn on that inner Power Plant and generate virtually anything you need to fulfill your mission.

I'm going to bust the biggest Wealth Myths that are holding most people back, and reveal the Secrets that allow you to get so connected to Source that you'll never be a victim again.

This is not theory, folks, this is the real deal...

I GUARANTEE you're going to know how to access and activate so much abundance that there will be days when you're happily freaking out over the unlimited possibilities for your life!

What's more, I'll help you design a Money Map that allows you to charge what you're worth, earn what you want, and feel great about it -- knowing your work is adding massive value to the world!

And remember, every audio is encoded with high frequency energy that begins working on you even before you work on yourself - many people have had MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS just from listening!

PLUS I'll be doing DAILY HEALING WORK for you, activating your wealth consciousness and dissolving unconscious blocks that have been sabotaging you.

And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

So for this exclusive program, you get:

The Awakened Wealth Program (Value: $997).
5-Session, 10+ hours of wealth-consciousness training.

The Awakened Wealth MasterMind group (Value: $100’s or $1000’s,
which is what many people have paid for a group like this)

The Quantum Healing (Value: $197).

Where I'll do energetic and spiritual healing for you every day FOR 30 DAYS.

The More Money program (Value: $497).

Created by Christian Mickelsen, one of the most successful 7-figure coaches in the business

That’s a total value of over $2000...

But FOR THIS CALL ONLY, it's just $147 - that's 93% off!

You can also choose 2- payments of $87 (billed 30 days apart).


As with all of our home-study products, there is a 30-day no-risk, money-back guarantee. If this material doesn't totally exceed your expectations and make you want to dance the happy dance, just email us within 30 days and let us know why - and we'll promptly give you a refund. (NOTE: please make sure to let us know within the 30 days in order to guarantee a refund. We have to honor our policy to remain in integrity with everyone who is following these guidelines, so there are no exceptions.)

One thing we guarantee: this is one trip you will take where you are guaranteed to lose a lot of your baggage - and be very happy about it!

If you’re ready to shatter that financial glass ceiling and take your life to a whole new level, come join us for this VERY EXCLUSIVE ONE-TIME EVENT. It’s going to be something you look back on as a life-changer.

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"When I joined Derek's program, I was on the verge of losing my house due to a very slow business. In the first call I had a breakthrough and had so much work I could hardly keep up with it all the very next day. Last month I made more money in one week than I make in a month. Derek Rydall is a true Master... (he) has the ability to get to the heart of any issue on every call in a short time. Then gives us exactly what we need to work on to continue the momentum of the breakthrough...”

- Kim Marino

"Happy Dance here! When I did the "25 ways" exercise, one of my listings was "sell some property". Hadn't managed to do so thus far, but today WE JUST CLOSED A DEAL FOR 3 PARCELS. The intent is to be completely out of debt (except for the necessary utilities) by the end of the year, and we're nearly there! So jazzed!”

- Susan Barrow

"I can't stop crying! My body is full of light... my spirit is singing! This was the most AMAZING call. Derek's blessing has changed something within me that I cannot put into words. God Bless!”

- Kitty, Lake Placid

"Derek did a healing on me... and I have been receiving many miracles. I was homeless and desperate. Now I’m in my own apartment, I’m engaged, my prescriptions have dwindled from 20-30 pills from different RX’s, down to two pills a day, which are also disappearing. I am now a testimony to the very re-programming that derek is sharing. God Bless!”

- Jennifer, Boise

"Derek, thank you so much for your help! I am now experiencing a life of happiness and joy from within... my health has transformed from problems in my kidney to great function, and I have a great career, my bosses love me! From being a person who felt like nothing... I now love my life and have deep gratitude and appreciation!”

- Efrat, Israel

“I've had so many revelations during this course, it amazes me. It has opened me to the infinite love of God that can only express as all that I desire. Having practiced "manifestation" for many years I never got that. You put it in a way I could finally understand and apply. You have a real gift. Thank you!”

- Susan B.

“You are helping me reach a platform I have been trying to get on for over 50 years. I am reaching a personal relationship with my Divine God Source. You have helped me realize that this can be done by dropping all the old baggage and dogma associated with the thousands of religious ideals. What an awakening that was for me; such freedom that I never felt before.”

- Eddie Davenport

“Derek, I am so grateful, I am reminded so clearly that all is available to me, through me as me, I am only here for God... I love you I appreciate you and I thank God for you!”

- Lu Royal, Atlanta

“My income went from barely making it to earning $8,500 in one month! That's more than I have ever experienced in my life! Thank you Derek for being my teacher, guide, mentor and coach! I can hardly wait for my next "breakthrough"!”

- Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

“I Was On The Verge of Losing My House – And Last Month I Made More Money In One Week Than I Make In A Month!”

- Kim Marino

“I was on the verge of bankruptcy, about to lose my home and my company. Derek’s work helped me see and feel that I had everything – and within 14 days, I had a new job, new customers and a lot of work from existing customers. My banker hardly believed his eyes when he looked at my balance sheet!”

- Lars Rasmussen, Denmark

"Before I even completed the (first) session, my daughter texted to inform me that she was finally reimbursed for a trip to Greece that I funded; a debt owed me that I had been very upset after almost a year! Thank you! God bless you!"

- Kathleen

"I almost can't believe the difference in my attitude and feelings after just one class. It is so amazing... Thank you so much Derek for this course and for your love and support."

- Lisa Jensen

"I feel the energy, really powerful... on wednesday night I sang in a big concert here in Stockholm, and I managed to feel totally safe and an incredible feeling of oneness and love with the audience... like never before... this was only from listening to your introduction talk! You said, if you're a singer: SING! And so... suddenly I knew... I have nothing to fear... I have to keep listening now! Thank you! Love,"

- Lisa

"THANK YOU, GRAZIE, GRACIAS, MERCI, DANKE!! I'm really happy I decided to take part in this course, the more I listen to you, the more I feel your deep presence and your kind heart. I have learnt a lot! I have met some thresholds but strangely enough I'm overcoming them quite easily! Thank you! Love,"

- Stefania

"I am really really thankful for this gift - these lessons are really powerful I am having breakthroughs! My body is buzzing& I feel changes. Your words are just what i need& I feel the universe is conspiring to bring me back home. The vision is getting more and more sharp every moment. It seems I am in an elevator going higher and higher and there is no way back to lack and limitation. Thank you very very much for this gift.I am sending you my love and appreciation... from the Netherlands,"

- Bas Pierik

"I've listened to you on You Wealth Revolution (a couple of times), Awakening to Abundance, Energized Living Today and Healing With the Masters and I've always had resonance with your message. But something about this (Awakened Wealth) truly brought it home. From starting with the instruction to set a strong intention, to driving the point home about non-separateness, to the hypnotic wealth spells... I could list everything right now. But it was a resounding yes - one after another! I really had to sit down... this woke something up in me. I'm excited about the shift in awareness. I thank you so much for your kindness and generosity,"

- Madeline

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